Feminine Fifties Fashion

There is something about the fifties I have always been fascinated by. Although I didn’t experience the decade, one aspect about it lives on for me, the fashion. As we know, fashion is cyclical, but for me, fifties fashion will always be my go to inspiration when selecting an outfit.

Classic films such as Grease, Hitchcock films and Marilyn Monroe are perfect examples of the amazing fashion of the era. I have always loved pencil skirts, cardigans and pedal pushers and believe they are timeless and deserve a place in every woman’s wardrobe. Peplum has become huge the last few seasons and it and the aforementioned items are a way for women to embrace their curves or create them if you have a narrow body shape. Dresses that have a tight bodice and full skirt are another style from the fifties which show off a woman’s curves. These types of dresses are flirty in a feminine way. Wear pencil skirts and dresses with a thin belt to accentuate your hips and make your waist appear smaller.  I have lost count of how many cardigans I have and as with pencils skirts, they are so versatile and can be worn in the office, casually or at night.

Spring means the weather is warming up and we don’t need to be completely covered from the Melbourne chill. These items are excellent trans-seasonal pieces. Ankle skimming pants are also making a comeback and a great for short women like me who find most pants miles too long. Another thing I love about this style of fashion is it is subtly sexy. Showing off curves doesn’t have to mean showing a lot of skin, and the form fitting style of cardigans and pencil skirts show off a woman’s voluptuousness while maintaining elegance.

My two favourite fashion labels are Wheels and Dollbaby and Review. Both are Australian and have a retro flair. They also both always have an array of cardigans in stock. I have several in baby and hot pinks, and pencil skirts in traditional colours as well as prints and colours. They have a large range of sizes and styles to suit all women. The best part about this style of fashion is it isn’t trend based so you will be wearing the pieces beyond the current season and they will become staples in your wardrobe.


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