Luxe Hotels

There is one thing I’ve reaslised over the past few years in my travels of cities in Australia. It’s worth paying extra to stay at a five star hotel. Last year I stayed at a cheaper hotel and although I had mistakenly booked it under my last name instead of first, they were unable to find my reservation and made me pay for another room again until I had printed my original reservation email. I couldn’t help thinking in my experience of five star hotels this wouldn’t happen if I had been staying at one.

By far my favourite hotel to stay at is the Langham. My partner and I stayed at the Southbank hotel over the weekend for my birthday in May and it certainly made my birthday weekend feel special. I had booked “The Teddy Bear” package which included chocolates, free valet parking, buffet breakfast, late checkout and a Langham teddy bear. The room was amazing, and as soon as you walk into the foyer you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. The hotel is decked out in chandeliers and marble. I also recently stayed at the Langham in Sydney and my experience was just as enjoyable. The room was spacious and we had our own balcony.


The Langham also has signature pink amenities, and a beautiful gift shop filled with more pink offerings. I picked up a nail polish in “Langham Love” by my favourite nail polish brand OPI from the gift shop. The shade is in the signature Langham pink.


Another must have at a hotel for me is a good bar, with yummy cocktails and wine. Sometimes you don’t want to leave the hotel and a relaxing nightcap is always a winner when you are tired from traveling.

I believe one of the most important things about hotels is the way the staff treats you, and the level of service provided. I remember staying at a hotel in a casino and the security at the lift asking if my sister and I were looking for “the clubs.” We weren’t dressed in clubby outfits and it was only about nine pm. Just this small and seemingly insignificant experience changed my view on the hotel and the way they treated their guests. Above all, service is number one, and I want to feel like a valued guest wherever I stay.



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