Pink Lipstick

For years pink lipstick has been a staple in my makeup case, ever since I first discovered MAC’s Saint Germaine. Since then, I have accumulated several, from marshmallow to shocking pink. When I was first on the lookout for pink lipstick, I was disappointed in many, as they were much too mauve. I didn’t want purple lips, I wanted pink! Luckily I have discovered brands which offer true pinks. They are high pigment and I find pink lipstick is flattering on all skin types and suit all women.

Pink lipstick doesn’t have the same femme fatale stereotype as red lipstick does, and can be flirty, office-safe and bold. I have several pink lipsticks which I chose to wear based on what I am wearing. For example, if I am wearing hot pink, I will wear bright pink lips. My favourite brands of pink lipsticks are MAC, Modelco and Illamasqua. I would say Illamasqua is my number one as the pigment is rich and has real staying power. But because they are matt, lips need to be exfoliated with a sugar scrub beforehand and the use of a lip balm will keep lips from being completely matt. I am always on the lookout for more lipsticks to add to my rainbow of pink shades and don’t think I’ll ever stop loving pink lipstick. Next on my shopping list is MAC’s Candy Yum Yum, a sexy neon pink.



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