Fitness Fashion

The last few years I have become more aware of my health and fitness and their effects on my body. From my younger days as a ballet dancer, I have been aware of the importance of stretching, posture and grace. These elements remain with me today, and my weekly exercise routine consists of hourly walks, lifting barbells, mat work and an amazing DVD series I have discovered, Ballet Body by Leah Serago. It is challenging and brings back memories of using a barre and practicing plies. I am often nostalgic of my ballet lessons.

ImageAs with the rest of my life, fashion plays a part in my workouts and I have collected quite a number of crops, shorts, singlets and ¾ pants along the way. I have lost count of how many but I find them a great motivation to work out. Just because you are all sweaty doesn’t mean you can’t be looking stylish. Fitness fashion has become a huge industry and Lorna Jane has become an entrepreneurial celeb in the fitness fashion world. Instagram is full of hashtags of fashionable exercise attire. I myself have snapped my workout gear purchases to show I work out in latest neon pink on offer at Lorna Jane or Running Bare.


Whilst my obsession with buying fitness fashion hasn’t been kind to my bank account, it has made my body in the best shape I have ever been in.



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