Loella by Illamasqua

I have a love for nail polishes and about 30 in my collection. Admittedly, most of them are various shades of pink. This one I am reviewing is made by Illamasqua, a UK cosmetic brand I have found to be flawless and full of colour.

Loella is a gorgeous blue based candy pink colour with a subtle shimmer that only really appears in sun light, you can see this shimmer in the photo below with the flash on my camera.

It applies well and dries fast. The brush itself is also easy to use, not too skinny, allowing the polish to glide on without leaving streaks. It also dries to a gloss finish, but I always use a base and top coat. It remained chip resistant for a few days and I think if my nails were in better health, it would have remained chip free even longer.

It is office appropriate, suits all occasions and would suit many different skin colours. This is a perfect shade for summer, or all year round when you feel like a cute candy pink polish Barbie would be proud of.

Illamasqua is available in Australia in Myer stores and online at http://www.illamasqua.com.

Loella with flash
Loella with flash
Loella without flash


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