Modelco Cosmetics

Modelco Cosmetics is an Australian brand founded by former model agent Shelley Barrett about ten years ago. The products are innovative and new products are regularly launched. Modelco products are sleek, glamorous and are stunning in their bright signature pink.

Modelco were able to grab model Rosie Huntington-Whitely for their launch of Body Bronze Dry Touch SPF50+ and Daily Face Mattifying sunscreen and lipbalm SPF50+. I have used both and absolutely adore them. I have always wanted a matt sunscreen for my face as I find many face sunscreens are still greasy and my face tends to sweat a lot. It is also great as SPF50+ has only been allowed in Australia for less than a year and both Modelco sunscreen products have this high broad spectrum protection. Body Bronze Dry Touch SPF50+ also dries matte and bronzes the skin beautifully. Just make sure you let the sunscreen dry before you put your clothes back on, when I used it I got brown on my pink shorts. I can’t recommend these two products enough and will be using them every time I hit the beach this summer.

 photo 1(2)

Modelco have been busy this year with new products and one I have been wishing from them for years is nail polish. This week I bought the base and top coat and I also have the bright pink “I’m Hot You’re Not.” The colour is girly and cute and applies without any streaks. The top coat is very shiny, exactly what I look for in a top coat.

photo 2(3)

Modelco also has a wide range of lipsticks, available in matte and cream. I have two pinks in “Flirt” and “Pinking of You.” They are quite similar, but as you can see in the image below “Flirt” is slightly darker and more yellow-based than the blue-based “Pinking of You.” They are both creams and while they last awhile, need reapplying about every two hours.

photo 3(4)

Modelco make great Christmas gifts (which I have purchased for my sisters) and have special gift sets available at the moment. These products and many more are available at reasonable prices from select Woolworths stores and from


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