OPI Langham Love

On one of my recent visits to the Langham in Melbourne, my favourite hotel in the city I went to visit the gift shop, Flavours of Langham. Amongst teas, pillows and chocolates, I found a pastel pink bottle of my favourite brand of nail polish. OPI had created a limited edition polish for the hotel and I knew I had to purchase it.


Langham Love, the name of the polish is an opaque light pink, the same colour of amenities found in Langham hotels. It was launched in 2011 to commemorate Langham Hospitality Group’s fifth anniversary of its “bold corporate pink identity”. 10,000 bottles of the pretty pink polish were made.

It stays chip-free for days and its only flaw is it can be slightly streaky, which can be fixed by applying it in three thin coats. In the photo I have accented my ring finger with a layer of OPI’s Princesses Rule! Pink Friday from OPI’s NIcki Minaj collection is a very close dupe to Langham Love.



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