Casually Classy

It amazes me how people can put so much effort and time into an outfit when they are just hitting the shops or a cafe, etc. On the flip side, there are also many who look like they’ve just rolled out of bed and just don’t care. It’s each person’s prerogative to choose their image and I honestly believe you should dress how you feel. As for myself, when I go out “casually” I like to be comfortable, and also feel good in what I’m wearing. It may seem like a fine line but there really is so many choices, I have discovered. I have go to brands for hanging at home (Lorna Jane), as well as special occasions (Review Australia). In between that there is the sometimes murky world of what to wear on less special occasions, especially Sundays when you really don’t want to go the whole nine yards and put on your face, etc. Luckily I have several options for looking casually classy without comprising comfort or style.

As I said, I love wearing Lorna Jane at home but many of her pieces can be worn out as it is great quality and many tees, jackets and singlets are fashion-forward. One of my favourite pieces from the new collection is the LJ Mesh Cardigan in Funky Pink. This cardigan is bold in its fluro pink shade and can be worn in so many different ways, from jeans to a pencil skirt to tights.

ImageImageImageAnother way to add style to an outfit is to add a scarf. From small silk scarfs to long wintery ones, they can always lift an outfit. Here is the classic baby pink Wheels and Dollbaby one I have had for years, I often wear it as a headband as well. Here it is worn in a retro fashion.

ImageHere is a hot pink Mimco square scarf that I find to be very big, nevertheless it makes a statement with my pink blazer.


Here is the latest Mimco scarf I have my eyes on, in gorgeous Schiaparelli pink, it may become a staple when the weather begins to cool.



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