Natural Skin Care

Having sensitive skin can be an annoyance at times, sometimes minor, other times major. One thing I have found is how you value and treat your skin is as important as how you treat the inside of your body. This makes sense, as many of us wouldn’t dream of eating many of the chemicals found in our skin care products. I find my skin can tingle and become red if I use products not suited to sensitive skin or with harsh chemicals in them. It’s kind of a scary thought putting such things on our skin, because we absorb them and who knows what damage they can also do to our insides.

I have found affordable, Australian, natural and vegan products are really what my skin loves the most. Here are some of my favourite products that nourish my skin and don’t make me break out in a red rash or pimples.

Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Lotion has a beautiful rose scent and thoroughly moisturises skin without becoming greasy. It also has jojoba, rosehip and peach kernel oil in it so it’s like feeding your skin. This lotion is excellent when your skin needs a hydration boost.

ImageEvery morning I use Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Gel and Facial Moisturiser. They are under ten dollars each and last several months. They have a subtle vanilla fragrance and contain natural soothing ingredients like rosehip, aloe vera, avocado and cucumber. Once again it’s like feeding your face with antioxidants. I can’t imagine changing my morning routine of using these two amazing beauty products. The sensitive range is also available in a cleansing lotion, body wash, and body lotion.

ImageAnother amazing brand who really cares about people, animals and the planet is Lush Cosmetics. I know when I’m near one of their stores because I can always smell the yummy, unmistakable scent of Lush. Here are some of my favourite Lush beauty products.

Possibly one of the best smells ever, with such a catchy name is the candy pink Rock Star Soap. It smells like lollies too!

ImageJust the name of this bath bomb wins me over. The Think Pink Bath Ballistic turns your bathwater bright pink and contains lavender and neroli oil.


Since I have discovered Lush’s Bubblegum Lip Scrub, I can no longer live without it. As I wear a lot of matte lipstick, it is a must have to get rid of flaky, dry lips. It’s made out of sugar so it’s edible too.



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