Natural Skin Care Part II

In my previous post about natural skincare I talked about some of my favourite natural, vegan products. Here are some more which I have been converted to.

Al’chemy by purist have beautiful, botanical shampoos which cater to all hair types. I have had quite damaged hair over the past several years and I have been really wanting to look after my hair. I have recently gotten strawberry blonde highlights, and I was nervous about breakage. I also wash my hair almost everyday, which I know isn’t recommended but my hair gets oily quite easily and I feel dirty if I don’t wash it. After spending at least $25 on salon brands, I decided to try Al’chemy shampoo and conditioner. The bottles are classy and are a very dark green, almost black colour. I use the Ylang Ylang Shampoo for colour treated hair.  It has a unique scent, for some reason it reminds me of bubblegum, but it is more floral. I have used the Macadamia and Wheat Protein Conditioner, but while it was nice, I think it was too rich for my hair. I now use the Jojoba Light Conditioner, which is much more compatible with my hair. So far I have been very pleased with using these two products, my hair hasn’t felt this soft for a long time. They cost less than salon brands and contain no sulphates or parabens. I would recommend using Al’chemy hair care for anyone wanting some TLC for their tresses and looking for a natural but luxurious alternative to supermarket or salon brands. They are available in Priceline stores nationally or online at

ImageImage Another product I love from the Purist Company is their Pure Rose Hydrating Mist. During the heat waves we have experienced in Melbourne this summer, this mist has saved me. It smells of beautiful, subtle roses. I keep this in the fridge on hot days and spritz whenever I feel hot or my face needs hydration. It is also calming and can almost be used as aromatherapy. As with all Purist products, all ingredients are natural and I have experienced no sensitivity when using them.

ImageYou can probably tell by now, I love roses. They are timeless and symbolize youth, beauty and love. Rosehip oil has been alongside other natural oils as a miracle oil that can reduce wrinkles, pimples and stretchmarks. I recently purchased Sukin Rosehip Oil from Priceline as they had a three for two offer. The colour is yellow, like extra virgin olive oil, and it has a similar scent. I was a bit wary it would be to oily but to my pleasant surprise, it absorbs very easy and my skin feels supple and hydrated afterwards. It comes with a dropper and a few drops is all that is required to hydrate the face. I have also found it to be soothing on sunburn.



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