Cleo by Panache Candy Pink Lingerie Review

For years I wore the wrong bra size. Then I discovered a shop in Melbourne that sold bras that fit me. I didn’t know these sizes existed and I was relieved and ecstatic to find out I wasn’t the only size eight with large breasts. In many stores, the only bras with my cup size (G) were horrible, unsexy beige ones that began in a size 16. So after years of wearing a size 12DD, I finally had a proper fitting and learned I was actually an 8G. For some reason, the bras found in department stores don’t have a size 8 (although they sell size 8 tops) and they certainly didn’t have large cup bras for petite frames. The store Brava (located on Collins Street, Melbourne and Prahran) and the friendly fitters there became my saviors. I was no longer stuck with back pain and discovered lingerie brands that catered to women like me, young, large busted and wanting cute and colourful bras.
One of these brands is Panache. Their brand Cleo focuses on vibrant and colourful lingerie aimed at young women. I recently purchased two new lingerie sets by Cleo, and as always, have not been disappointed. Last season they released two candy pink sets that I waited until were on sale to buy. The colour won me over, as I wear this colour a lot and it wouldn’t show through my clothes (I’m not a fan of nude bras).
Marcie is a range Cleo launches in a new colour each season. It is elegant and lacy, and the candy pink makes it playful and cute. This bra is best not worn under tight fitting tops as the lace detail can show. The cute aqua bows adds extra cuteness and contrasts beautifully with the pink. Below is my set and on a model from Panache.
ImageImageThe Maddie bra is my favourite type of bra as it is moulded and smooth under tight tops. This is the kind of bra I wear the most. The Maddie also has contrasting aqua bows and a stripe detail that doesn’t show when wearing tight tops. The moulded shape gives a lovely rounded look. My only fault is I probably could have gone up a cup size as there is a small amount of spillage over the cups.
ImageImageYou can find out more about Panache and view their latest collections at If you are struggling to find bras that fit, the internet is an excellent place to begin your journey and there are so many bras that offer large cup sizes. No matter what size you are, there are brands that make it and there is no reason to continue wearing the wrong size bra.

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