Top Workout Accessories

There are some items every woman needs in order to exercise. As well as the mental motivation and workout clothes, accessories are also important. Here are my top five workout accessories, all from Lorna Jane.


1. Every woman needs a comfortable yoga mat for Pilates, stretching and of course yoga. I bought mine a few years ago from Lorna Jane. They often bring out different colours and textures for about $50. It has lasted well as I use it several times a week. It certainly has made me focus on my stretching and yoga poses.

2. I have been waiting for a pink iPhone armband and Lorna Jane have finally released one. Usually I have to tuck my phone in the hem of my tights and it can get slimy with sweat. The Determined MP3/Phone Holder comes in Rosa Shocking and is a bright and neon pink. It is very light and made from Neoprene. It also has a small inspirational message on the strap. One thing I need on my walks is music, otherwise I can become bored. An armband like this is a must have for listening to music whilst walking or running.


3. As mentioned above, I regularly go on walks, and another thing I wear most of the time is a hat. I have a few and my favourites are Lorna Jane visors. They keep the sun off my face while letting me put my hair up in a bun. Pictured is the Weekend Visor, also in Shocking Rosa. This visor is available online and Lorna Jane stores.


4. I have began using the Super-Lite Training Gloves in Funky Pink, which is also neon. The pink keeps them girly and also have an inspirational message on them. I have found they protect my hands when lifting weights and are quite easy to get on.This is now sold out on line but may be available in Lorna Jane stores.


5. If you see a woman wearing this fluro pink bracelet, you can assume she is part of the Lorna Jane “Sisterhood.” Lorna Jane occasionally have promos where they will give these away. Lorna Jane states the MNB (Move Nourish Believe) bracelets are also a reminder to move your body, nourish with good foods and believe in yourself everyday.



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