Kiss Me I’m Brazilian By OPI

I have been waiting for OPI to release a new bubblegum Barbie pink for awhile and they finally have for their Brazilian collection. Kiss Me I’m Brazilian was released in February and a few days ago I got my hands on a bottle.

It is a blue based bright shade that applies fairly evenly and doesn’t take long to dry. So I’ve had it on two days, and it has chipped a little, but that may be because I have done a lot with my hands (housework, etc).

As I said I’d describe it as a bubblegum Barbie shade, therefore it is very girly and bright. It is quite different from the normal pink shades OPI usually releases, which have been either pale or dark pink in the past few years.

I also picked up Hey Baby from the Gwen Stefani collection, which I will be reviewing next. I think Kiss Me I’m Brazilian will be my pick out of the two though as the colour is more original. It looks great on my skin tone, and I think it would suit most.Image


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