Clueless Inspired Nineties Fashion

Nineties fashion is set to make a huge come back this year, with designers showcasing pieces inspired by the decade on international runways.

Nineties fashion was a bit of a mixed bag of preppy, grunge and minimalism. My favourite nineties inspiration comes from a film close to my heart, Clueless. I’ve lost count of how many times I have seen the movie and remember wanting to be Cher. To have her confidence, money, popularity and fashion sense. I am so happy nineties fashion has made a come back. although I was quite young, I have great memories of the era and compared to the eighties, have never found the fashion cringe-worthy. Along with fifties fashion it is my favourite decade and makes me nostalgic. The nineties for me are all about these styles of fashion, sitcoms and amazing pop music.

There is a huge range of nineties fashion to embrace, from overalls, slip dress, midriff top, the list goes on. Here are some of my picks to achieve an effortless nineties look with a modern edge.

Image Above, Cher, pretty in pink in Clueless. Recreate her look with Paint it Red’s Feline Crop Top. Available at and Wear with a black flip mini skirt and complete the nineties look with a pale pink or black headband.

ImagePlaid was also huge in the film. As were oversized white shirts, which wore worn with mini skirts, of course.


ImageOversized white shirts are easy to find in many stores. Here is one by French Connection, which retails for $129.95. They also have the perfect skirt to wear it with. The Check Jersey skirt retails for just $39.95.


ImageNo season goes by without me investing in a new cardigan, preferably a pink one. They go with anything and are perfect trans-seasonal pieces. For a nineties look, it’s best to go for one that is a relaxed fit. Again by French Connection, the Zipped V-Neck Knit Cardigan come in a fierce Firework Pink and a matching tee that can be worn underneath.




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