Fitzroy Food

By far the best place for Melbourne vegetarians and vegans to dine is in Fitzroy. There are several restaurants along Brunswick Street offering compassionate eaters raw food to fast food.

One restaurant which is never empty is Vegie Bar. It has been around for twenty years and offers a wide variety of cuisines. Whatever you feel like, Vegie Bar is sure to satisfy any craving. Menu items include Mee Goreng, Faux Chicken Wrap and Raw Tacos. There are small entrees if you’re only a little peckish. If you’re starving, the main dishes are a generous size. There are also a range of juices and shakes as well as desserts available. The wines are delicious and biodynamic. Sometimes it can be difficult to get a table, and you may find yourself on a communal table but the food is worth it and it’s impossible to leave Vegie Bar dissatisfied.

Another popular restaurant on Brunswick Street is Yong Green Food. This is the place to go if you want to have an amazing dining experience and are also mindful of your health. Last year they made the restaurant bigger so there is no longer a wait for a table. The Yong Green Food philosophy is all about sustainable eating and has a variety of raw and cooked food. They also have a variety of desserts, which look naughty but aren’t and a variety of shakes. Many of the menu items are Asian inspired, but there are also other types to choose from, such as the Rawsagne, Nachos and the Nutty Burger.

Brunswick Street also caters to those who want a quick feed and don’t feel like being too healthy. Lord of the Fries is the vegetarian alternative to other burger joints. There is a variety of burgers, and hot dogs to choose from. They have a selection of fries, including sweet potato fries, onion rings and chilli poppers. The best part is their wide range of sauces. The Italian sauce is a rich Napoli sauce with either vegan or dairy cheese. There are also other sauces from around the world including French Canadian, gravy with cheese and Indian, mango chutney and sour cream.

Vegans and vegetarians often have few choices on menus but the vegetarian restaurants along Brunswick Street have an abundance of healthy, plant based meals that even meat eaters would find hard to say no to. This street is also a must for anyone conscious of their health and wants to have a dining experience without the guilt. All restaurants in this article also offer gluten-free choices.


Vegan Lemon Tarts
Source: Vegie Bar Facebook
Vegie Bar Juices
Source: Vegie Bar Facebook

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