High Tea in Melbourne

A cosy and delicious way to escape the cold in Melbourne is by treating yourself to a High Tea. It is a great excuse to dress up and act posh for the day. It is also a great Mother’s Day gift to surprise mum with. The High Tea comes from the British tradition in the 1700s, where it was an afternoon meal served between 3 and 4 o’clock. It began as a meal taken by working men, who sat on tall stools, which is where the name came from. They would drink tea and eat scones, cakes and cheese on toast. It slowly became known as an important part of social lives of Ladies and Gentlemen. They were able to eat a meal before heading to the theatre or another social event. Since then it has gained in popularity among the rest of the world. There are many places which serve High Tea in Melbourne. Traditional High Teas often take place during the course of two hours, with the option of tea, coffee or champagne to accompany an indulgent abundance of food. The lower tier features ribbon sandwiches with fillings like cucumber, cream cheese and smoked salmon. The second tier has a collection of delicately mini desserts, which are deceptively filling. This tier features tarts, éclairs and other sugary desserts. The top tier usually has light and fluffy scones with cream and jam. They are worth a taste as they are certainly unlike any homemade scones ever tasted. Many luxury hotels in Melbourne serve High Tea in their bars, and are worth are visit even if you aren’t staying there. The Waiting Room in the Crown Towers lobby offers a decadent High Tea. The furnishings are sophisticated and glamorous. Further along South Bank, the Langham serves two High Teas, a Tiffin and a chocolate one, a must for all chocolate lovers. The chocolate High Tea also comes with sandwiches and scones. Located in the Aria Bar and Lounge, a High Tea here is a chance to escape the bustling streets of Melbourne for a few hours. The Langham also caters to children, with themes such as Barbie and The Wiggles High Tea. The furnishings here are also warm and inviting, with comfortable chairs to rest on as you begin feel the satiated fullness a High Tea brings.

Vogue High Tea at The Langham

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