Winter Motivation

With winter less than two weeks away, it can become easy to slack off on your exercise routine and clean eating habits. But winter makes our summer bodies, so it’s important to stay inspired and on top of taking care of yourself.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can affect some of us during the cold months. The complete cause is unknown, but it may be a psychological response to not getting enough vitamin D. You can feel depressed and moody, oversleep, have less energy, weight gain, disinterest in activities once enjoyed and difficulty concentrating. All of these are serious things that will sap motivation to exercise and eat right. Try to get out in the sun for around 15 minutes each day. If that’s impossible, it’s probably a good idea to visit your doctor if you’re suffering any of the symptoms mentioned above. Your doctor may recommend vitamin D supplements.

Getting outdoors and exercising is also a great way to combat vitamin D deficiencies and get some exercise. Take advantage of weekends and the time you do have to get out and work out. This time of year is great for bush walks and even a brisk walk on the beach can leave you refreshed. When the weather is bad be prepared with work out equipment at home, such as yoga mats and dumb bells. It’s also a great idea to buy a few exercise DVDs. My favourites are Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body series. It’s four DVDs which combine Pilates, strength training and ballet moves. They are available on Amazon. Just looking at Leah’s body is enough motivation for me when doing these work outs. Another idea is to rent gym equipment, such as a treadmill, which my sister did last year. Make sure you are committed to using it though, otherwise it will just sit there idle and be a waste of money.

ImageComfort food is eaten a lot in the colder months and salad often forgotten. Fill up on nourishing soups, curries and warm salads made with roast vegetables. Vegie Head and Karen Martini have yummy soups recipes that are super easy to make and use up leftover vegetables. Wholegrain pasta is also a good idea with a rich home made tomato sauce or pesto with a green salad on the side. In the next few weeks I will be posting my vegan recipes for both.

One of my favourite motivations for staying fit during winter is new fitness fashion. As always Lorna Jane is my go to for looking great while exercising. Invest in long tights, jackets and hoodies to keep warm when working out. Here are my LJ pink picks for the season.


Never Give Up Sweat in Grey Marl Speckle


Kylie Hoodie in Fairy Floss


Max Excel Zip Through in Funky Pink


Joyce Excel Zip Through Hoodie in Hyper Pink


Thermal Tight


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