Modelco Instant Self Tan Lotion

Modelco continue to come up with innovative tanning products. And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we don’t want look beautifully bronzed.

ImageThe Australian cult beauty brand has recently released more tanning products to their already extensive range. I remember when I first used their Tan Airbrush in a Can years ago. Back then it was there only tanning product. Never before had I used such a tan with great colour payoff. Since then I have tried the other tanning products they have released, including mousses, meringues and foams. But still I went back to the original airbrush tan. Whilst it was trickier to apply (I wore glove to rub it in, as it never went on easily or evenly when I sprayed it directly onto my skin), it gave me the best bronze glow and lasted longer.

I saw some of their new products, along with my beloved can at my local Coles supermarket. I decided to buy the Instant Self-Tan Lotion. It was a very reasonable $12 and came with a gift of their newest mascara Volumeyes. This was a special and the lotion retails for $14.95. There was a sticker covering the colour, which was medium and I would have gone for the dark shade it I had been able to see it.

As always, I applied the lotion wearing gloves and for each limb and torso used a generous amount of lotion, about the size of a 50 cent piece and it felt like a lot was left in the bottle. It rubbed in very easily and I put on a robe afterwards for about an hour before my clothes. It did dry very fast and unlike spray tans, which can leave your skin feeling dehydrated, it looked and felt hydrated and glowing. The colour itself was a warm golden colour, but not as dark as the Tan in a Can. I would like to try the dark to compare the difference and would probably prefer the darker hue. Modelco state the tan develops deeper over a period of 4-6 hours, and it went slightly darker, but nothing groundbreaking. It contains coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, Argan oil and aloe vera and smells wonderful and of coconuts. The best thing was there were no streaks and my skin was heavenly scented.

I would recommend this product for self tanning novices and dehydrated skin. Overall an excellent value for money tanning product to keep the winter blues away.





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