Barbie Lingerie at Target

From as early as I can remember, I have had a love for Barbie. As an adult, every now and then I come across Barbie gems that are meant for women. I have just discovered a pretty collection of Barbie lingerie for women at Target. The prices are great, $7.50 for the underwear and $15 for the camisoles, they are on sale at the moment. Of course, they are very pink and girly and sized from 8-16. They feature the cameo silhouette logo of Barbie’s head and retro Barbie lettering. I have been wanting new underwear, and was disappointed by the range at Victoria’s Secret at Melbourne’s Emporium. These make me nostalgic for the Barbies I used to own, I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of them. They are available in Target stores and at


A630090A633439A633429A633430A633095I bought these online and couldn’t resist getting a little something else. The Long Biker Jacket in pastel pink is a versatile coat for winter. It can be dressed up and down, worn day and night. The colour is stunning and it is $69. Online the only size left is size six, which is lucky for me. I can’t wait to see, feel and try it on in real life.




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