Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

This past weekend I visited the gorgeous Mornington Peninsula. It was quite a drive but certainly worth it. The sun was shining and I wanted to see the best of what the region had to offer.

First we visited Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm at Red Hill. I was excited because I had wanted to go there for a year and finally had to chance to. You can pick your own strawberries, dine at the cafe and buy a wide variety of strawberry related things at the shop there.

At the cafe my sisters and I shared a strawberry tasting plate which consisted of ice cream, meringue, choc covered berries, strawberries dusted with icing sugar and smooth melted milk chocolate to dip them in. I washed this down with a decedent soy hot chocolate with marshmellows.


Afterwards, I was feeling full from the richness and large amount of sugar so when I entered the store to buy things I avoided anything that was sweet. I purchased their Cheeky Rascal Strawberry and Pear Cider, strawberry liqueur, seed dukkah, and strawberry soaps.


Leaving the strawberry farm, we continued along the highway to Sorrento where we had a wine at the Continental Hotel and then had lunch at an olive grove. I can’t wait to visit the region again and satisfy my strawberry obsession.

To find out more about Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm and to purchase their ciders and wines online visit


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