Chocolate Bar High Tea at The Langham

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of experiencing another high tea at my favourite hotel, The Langham. Last time I had a Vogue high tea and this time the Chocolate Bar High Tea. The two were quite different, with  the former having the traditional three tiers of sandwiches, scones and desserts. The latter also featured three tiers and also an all-you-can-eat style of chocolate desserts. As with all high teas, I highly recommend going on an empty stomach as you will eat a lot.

As we were seated in the beautiful Aria Bar lounge, the waiter explained the menu of teas, cakes and other sugary delights. We were then given a glass of champagne to sip on while the food was brought out to us. We had a perfect view of the dessert table, which had a plethora of mini sweet chocolates and desserts. There was also a chef on hand to explain in detail each dessert if you desired to find out more about each little work of art and to make fresh crepes.


We tried a small dessert to start with. I chose an opera torte with gold leaf on top which chocolate goodness danced on my taste buds and was just the thing to whet my appetite. We began with the sandwiches which were traditional high tea fair. We had requested vegetarian and were displayed with cream cheese, avocado and tomato, cucumber and roast capsicum on both white and wholemeal bread. We also had risotto balls which were fried and filled with a yummy cheese. Next came the fluffy scones with clotted cream and jam. I was only able to eat one as I still wanted to try some of the chocolate desserts and was already becoming a little full.


I walked around the dessert table and cherry picked the most appealing morsels. If only I could have tasted each but alas there were so many and I knew I’d probably overdo it anyway. On my china plate I placed a cute churro with dark chocolate sauce, a truffle dusted with cocoa, a strawberry cream chocolate, a banana caramel dessert with popcorn on top and another rich chocolate dessert that I so wanted to eat but was unable to as by the end of such chocolate decadence my stomach was begging me to stop.


At the end I sipped wonderful teas named Paris and Hot Cinnamon. I wanted to eat more but just couldn’t do so. The richness of the desserts had left me feeling ready to burst, as is usually the case when one eats an abundance of sugary cocoa. The Chocolate Bar High Tea was certainly a day to remember and I would recommend to any sweet tooth.


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