Valentine’s Day Accessories

It’s coming up to one of the divisive days of the year again: Valentine’s Day. You either love it or hate it. For some it’s a day full of commercialism, for others a day of romance and spoiling your partner. The history of Valentine’s Day is quite interesting to read about. In the modern age we spend large amounts on dinners, cards, chocolates and flowers to express to our significant other our love for them.

However you choose to celebrate the day of love, whether a picnic or fancy dinner, I believe it’s a great occasion to dress up and be playful. Although I dress in pink most days of the year, Valentine’s Day is a day for romantic and sensual fabrics and colours. You can’t go wrong with pink and red. I especially love blush pink and red together.

Here are some blush and red accessories perfect for the most romantic day of the year.

Nothing is quite as sexy as a trench coat on a lady, and this Divine Secrets Jacket from Alannah Hill brings a girliness to the classic coat in a sugary pink shade.


Also from Alannah Hill is the My Pet Flamingo necklace which is now half price. It adds a quirky cuteness to any outfit.


Mimco is my go-to place for accessories and there is usually some pink goodness in each season. The Decadent Drop Earrings are perfect for a finishing touch to a classy outfit.


The Supernatural Medium Pouch and Mim Supernatural Tote are made of soft buttery leather and are the perfect demure shade of blush. The rose gold accents perfectly add to their chicness.




Mimco have even released a Valentine’s collection. I love the Safari Swoon Wristlet. The heart that replaces the O in Mimco is adorable. This piece is so cute and perfect for Valentine’s Day.


A pop of lipstick is a must on Valentine’s Day and who can go past MAC’s iconic Russian Red?



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