Wheels and Dollbaby Inky Pinky

Wheels and Dollbaby have released a mini collection with the quirky name Inky Pinky. The designs feature gorgeous tattoo-inspired prints on a cream background. There are 13 different tattoo prints from loveheart lockets to leopard heels to cupcakes to daggers.


It’s a very girly collection but I think the tattoo prints and dashes of black give it a cool edge. My favourite pieces include the classic Cake Ruffle Top and buttery soft Pink Leather Jacket. The price point on most items are also reasonable, as they are less than other Wheels and Dollbaby items of similar styles. Other pieces from the collection include leggings, a ballet skirt and singlet.

The collection is so cute and I recoommend and lover of Wheels and Dollbaby to snap up at least one of the pieces as the print is very unique and will sure to be a conversation starter for those who see you in it.





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