Ballet Pinks

It’s well known that I am a lover of pale pink. In cooler weather I think it can really soften an all-black outfit. Pale pink is romantic, subtle and elegant. It’s feminine without being overly sassy or flamboyant.

It’s also no secret most clothes I own are pink, and the most common shade of those pinks are soft ballet pinks. I believe they work well in all seasons, contrasted with black in autumn and winter, and with light neutral shades in spring and summer, including grey, white and nude.

Almost no day goes by without indulging in my love of pastel pink and wearing it in some form, whether that be a shirt, pants or jacket. It will always be my go-to choice. It can work with all skin-tones, you just need to figure out if cooler or warmer pinks work for you. Cooler pinks and more blue based and suit most people, and warmer pinks have a yellow base.

Here is a selection of ballet pinks that have timeless style and would work well for all ages.

Trenery often have some beautiful, quality pieces in light pink. Below is gorgeous shirt with an abstract navy tulip pattern. Navy works really well with pale pink, especially in suiting.   Read an earlier post featuring the brand here.



Who can go past  a comfy, snugly cardigan? This waterfall cardigan with a weaved texture is perfect for keeping the winter chill at bay.



Kookai are all about chic basics and these below in the hue Dans Pink are excellent layering pieces that are must-haves.






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