Pink Ladies Clothing

For as long as I can remember Grease has been a favourite movie of mine. I know all of the songs by heart, and probably every line. As well as the music, the film is famous for its fifties fashion.



I have mentioned in previous posts how much I love the fashion from the era and Grease really showcases the gorgeous fashion of the decade. My love for the fashion was enhanced by seeing the musical in Melbourne earlier this year.

One of the most iconic images from the musical has to be the Pink Ladies jacket the girls wear. It is easy to recreate their looks. Be inspired with full skirts, pedal pushes, silk scarves and of course, pink jackets. Here are some ideas to create your own Pink Lady look.

Dangerfield have a cute Pink Ladies Jacket made from PU material, as well as a sweet A-line skirt. They would look great together or separately with black pieces.



Wheels and Dollbaby have gorgeous pieces that would look amazing paired with the Pink Ladies Jacket and Skirt. The Frenchie Tee and Signature Print Kerchief add an adorable fifties feel to outfit.



Ice Watch’s Pastel Pink Lady watch is a feminine timepiece that is the perfect accessory to finish a pink lady look.


Peter Alexander have also been inspired by Grease and have released a collection in honour of the film. The Pink Ladies Tee and Bomber Jacket are made from breathable cotton and ensures a Pink Lady maintains her style even while sleeping.




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