Vale Jackie Collins

This weekend I was shattered to hear the passing of my favourite writer Jackie Collins. A few weeks ago I finished her latest book, The Santangelos and was wondering what was next for heroine Lucky Santangelo. I am now heart broken to realise her journey has come to an end.

I first read Jackie Collins on holiday where the hotel had one of her novels. I was 15 years old and devoured the book. I don’t remember which novel it was but I was hooked. Since then, I have read all of Jackie’s 32 novels.

It wasn’t just the raunchiness that prompted me to finish each book in just a few short days, but the intelligent, strong females and the kids who came from nothing who made a huge name for themselves. I loved reading about the glamour and depravity of Hollywood, the psychopaths who always got what was coming to them and relationships that were formed. She gave us a glimpse of what happens behind the veil of glamour that is Hollywood.

If I had to choose a stand out book, it would have to be Lovers and Gamblers, which I have read about four times. It was written in the ’70s but I didn’t read it until decades later, and it still had an amazing storyline and was relevant to me. Al King was a sexy star who was on a downward spiral of drugs and alcohol who could no longer get it up for the endless groupies who came to him and Dallas, the girl who had to grow up fast after living most of her life sheltered from the outside world. The book is such a page turner and filled with twists and crazy scenes.

The books were inspirational to me, they were filled with stories of women who became heads of film studios, found love and did it all on their terms. Much like Jackie did, writing five novels since her breast cancer diagnosis and travelling the world to promote her stories. She made me love reading and writing and I will keep rereading her books in which her beautiful spirit lives on.


Jackie Collinsjackie-collins-10dsc_0119


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