Guilt Free Easter Treats

If you are after some Easter gifts for others or even for yourself, but don’t want them calorie-laden, I have some suggestions.

I love this time of year. Autumn means it’s cooling down and we are transitioning into warmer clothes and scents.

When I think of Easter, I envision creamy milk chocolate and pretty pastels (mainly pink of course). Here is a collection yummy treats that have zero calories.

First off is the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette by Too Faced. I picked this up yesterday, after seeing glowing reviews on Mecca. It is such a pretty palette and is composed of eye shadow colours I love. The mix of browns and pinks work so well together and are sure to create a multitude of smoky eye looks. They even have cocoa powder in them and the palette actually smells like chocolate. Amazing!


A reason I love Autumn is that it’s a chance to wear warm, gourmand perfumes. One of my favourite fragrances is Prada’s Candy. The notes of caramel, benzoin, musk and vanilla are so inviting and sexy. Prada Amber is also a sumptuous scent that I can’t get enough of. To me, it smells like Red Tulip Easter eggs which I adore! It contains notes of patchouli, amber, rose, honey and sandalwood. Like Candy it also has the notes of benzoin, musk and vanilla, so if you love either scent, chances are you’ll love them both. They are long lasting and beautiful for this time of year.


Lush Cosmetics always bring out cute items for every holiday, and Easter is no exception. They have a variety of Easter egg bath bombs. I especially love the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar. The fluro pink, orange and purple carrots are so adorable.




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