2017 Active Inspiration

It is now halfway through the first month of 2017 and I have made the commitment to make this my most active and healthiest year. Christmas and new year celebrations are now well and truly over and there is no longer any excuses for eating poorly. The produce available at this time of year are amazing. I love the selection of tropical fruits and lighter, fresh lunches and dinners of salad and cold meals, such as rice paper rolls. After feeling heavier and a bit lethargic after the holiday festivities, I feel like the really need to get back into the routine of eating as clean as possible and stepping up my exercise regime.

Of course, a major inspiration for me to shed some kilos involves fashion. What better way to motivate one to get fit than new and pretty active wear. There are some gorgeous pieces available at the moment and I have complied my faves right here.

My go-to fitness fashion brand for years has been Lorna Jane, and I have found some pants that are very versatile in that they can be worn on weekends, lounging and light exercise. The Barre Active pants come in 3/4 length in black and grey, and full length in ink. They are perfect for when the weather is not quite hot enough for shorts. As for workouts, I love the pastel pattern of the Karma tights, available in both 3/4 length and as shorts. Find them here.


Adidas are at the forefront of performance wear, and have a sale online right now. My fave piece is the Cozy Pullover in a pretty pink for early morning walks or runs. The jumper is available here.


When couture and fitness collide it equates to some stunning pieces in the form of J’aton x Jaggad. The collection blends functionality with baroque lace details and a feminine colour pallete. I especially love the rose gold shorts. Find the collection here and here.




Images: Lorna Jane, Adidas, Rebecca Judd Loves, The Iconic


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