Valentine’s Day Manicure

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and although not everyone is into the saccharine sweetness associated with the holiday, I adore it. To mark the occasion, I have decided to share a here is a simple, yet pretty nail design.

Of course, pink will forever be my go-to nail colour. However, I do sometimes wear red. Red manicures are classic and sexy. From tomato red to blood red to burgundy, there is a red to suit everybody and every occasion.

For this look, I have decided to go for a bright cheerful red from OPI’s Hello Kitty collection. The polish is called 5 Apples Tall and I painted two coats on each finger, and left the ring fingers for accents. I then added a heart on each accent nail. I used a base coat, then placed a glob of polish on a piece of paper. With a dotting tool, I created two small dots on the bottom middle of my nail, then joined them by moving the dotting tool downwards in a V shape. I left it at one heart on each nail, with plenty of negative space, but of course you could add more hearts if you desired or use a pale pink or white base to add contrast. This is a really simple nail art technique and practising on paper beforehand can add confidence.

Below is also a selection of my favourite OPI red polishes that are the perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day. From left to right, Give Me a Lido Kiss – a red with a pink shimmer, Color So Hot it Berns – a bright, true red and Bogota Blackberry – a burgundy shimmer.





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